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Additional Compliments

"I was hurt, couldn't work and didn't know how I would support my family.  I placed my entire future in John's hands.  John came through for me and my family.  Thanks to him and his office, I am able to still get the medical treatment that I need, we have a roof over our head and our future is secure."

Jose R.


“I can’t help but thank John, Angélicque and their staff.  When I first met with them, they made me feel comfortable and at ease.  They explained that we would have a fight ahead of us, but that they would stand by my side and fight for the compensation I would need to take care of myself now that I was hurt.  They did just that.  Now, I can close my eyes and sleep knowing that I don’t have to rely on other people to support me.”

Jose V.

“I hired another law firm who then hired John and Angélicque to take my case to trial. I was hurt when I slipped and fell on water and hurt my neck and back. I had to have surgeries and was back and forth to doctors every week. My entire life was a mess and the insurance company was making low ball offers. Because John and Angélicque were ready for trial and told the insurance company that would not take less than what was fair compensation for all of the time I missed from work, the injuries I had and for my pain and suffering, the insurance company finally agreed to settle the case. I can't thank them enough for making me and my family feel like the rug won't be pulled out from under us. We know that we can face tomorrow.”

Will S.

“I am a demanding old man.  I expect to speak with an attorney when I call.  I expect to get help from the support staff  when I need it.  And, I expect to be treated like I am the only client that matters.  I know that it is a tall order - - but Avanzino & Moreno met all of my expectations.  I am  still a demanding old man - - who can sleep well knowing that I was well taken care of by the attorneys at the office.”

Wayne M.

“When I reinjured my back in a car accident, I thought no one would take my injury seriously –I was already damaged goods.  But John and the office took on my case, they proved that this car accident made my prior back injury worse and made sure that my medical bills were paid and that I was compensated for lost time from work.”

Ray P.


“When I fell off the scaffold, I thought to myself, ‘I’m fine.’  Well I was wrong.  After 3 surgeries to my ankle and unrelenting back pain, I was unable to go back to the work I did for 20 years.  The entire office came to bat for me.  They made sure that I didn’t lose my apartment, and that my kids didn’t have to give up school to take care of me.  I may not have my health, but I know that I will always have a  roof over my head, food on the table and money to see the doctors for the rest of my life.”

Jeffrey R.

“Personal attention?  I got it!  Fair and just result? Definitely!  They don’t come any better than at Avanzino & Moreno.”

Taiquan, F.

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